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Take over is an ongoing project of interchanging artists around worldwide art scenes.

Take Over #1

Barcelona – 11/12/13 August

Nau Bostik – Barcelona

Bostik is born in La Sagrera as a center for the dissemination of culture and art, with the intention of interacting with other neighborhood entities in order to offer a meeting space that will bring new proposals for the neighborhood . We intend to become a reference point for those who are interested in all kinds of cultural and artistic manifestations.


The Artists

These are the backbone of our project.

We handpick some of the most exciting urban artists in Europe.

They are also very nice people to work with.

Paulo Consentino

Santos – Brazil 1967

Paulo Consentino is a self-taught artist, born in Santos, Brazil, in 1967. He is a huge football fan and always found in his art the ways to express his love and admiration for his beloved team; Santos Football Club.

He has been developing “football art” projects around South America and Europe, bringing together football fans and art lovers.

He has painted in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Portugal and Spain.He currently lives in Barcelona.




Teko van Kuyk

Basel – Switzerland

Teko van Kuyk’s works deals with his latent latin influences. He was born in Switzerland and after a short time living in New Zealand, he went to live in Latin America, first for 15 years in Brazil and then 9 in Argentina, where he began to invest strongly in his art career. Over the span of 6 years he took part in more than 60 group shows and 5 solo shows.



Felix Rodewald


Felix Rodewaldt graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Munich. During his time as a student he became one of the most influential tape artists in Germany. He started working with stencils and found his own fascinating way of pursuing tape art. For THE HAUS – Berlin Art Bang, Felix painted the corridor in the 2nd floor. Inspired by an accordion, the architecture stretches, morphs and twists.



Anne Bengard


Berlin based artist Anne Bengard explores the relationship between people, expression, objects and imagination within her work. With an open minded and free approach, she explores and questions social norms and prejudices, encouraging the viewer to adopt an unrestricted attitude and question their preconceptions.





Fabifa is a Berlin based tape artist. She initially started studying architecture, but with time shifted her interest into art, where she performs as street artists, creating work with tape and spray.


Señor Schnu


Señor Schnu is a street art artist from Aachen who currently lives in Berlin.

His trademarks are a happy icicle and unique works made of moss.

This varied mix of happy style, comic art and urban green art is reflected in his works and leaves lots of room for surprises.


Over the years, the Berlin based artist has developed his very own and artistic philosophy that can be read with a wink: he calls his positive attitude towards life that has arisen from creativity “Schnummunismus”.


Secle style

Palmanova – Italy

Secle is a Italian artist (Palmanova 1981), she lives in Barcelona, Spain since 3 years ago. Her art can be defined by saying this phrase: “Take a bit of street-art and mix with childhood illustration; put some pieces of paper, lots of smiles, fantasy, and freshness. Shake it all and serve in a plane surface.Let it move on to maintain its essence.” The main purpose of her art is to make people feel like in a different world, where they can think about the small, simple, but important, things of life. She took part of different expositions and she participated in several art festivals.



 CO-FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Amsterdam Street Art Foundation, The Dutch street art awards and 4816.NL
He started with graffiti in 1996. 2000 marked the start of his work being shown in galleries, with a show in Almere at GRAFFITI OF THE WALL.Now he is know for his fragmented artworks and freehand skills. He has had exhibitions in  Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Bristol, Paris, Berlin, New York, Melbourne,Miami and more……
Amsterdam RAI, XS4ALL, Police Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Volkswagen, Nike, MINI, Absolute Vodka, Jameson Whiskey, Heineken, KPN/HI, Grolsch and MTV Networks are among some the corporate collaborations that IVES has work with.
IVES is frequently involved with international festivals.All this aside you can still find the works of IVES on the streets around the world.
Since 2010 IVES also works as an URBANART/GUERILLA MARKETING consultant, Giving advise to commercial companies and governments.



Vassilis Rebelos

Thessaloniki – Greece

He starts vandalizing walls since he was a baby and follows painting and drawing lessons.
After watching “STYLEWARS”in 1991, he gets more focused to the phenomenon called graffiti, while at the same time he gets involved with comics, tattoos, and graphic design.
In August 2002, he establishes the only Graffiti-Street Art shop in Thessaloniki, MWC Graffiti and Design, that manages and coordinates until today.
In his agenda, we find a number of participation in graffiti festivals and exhibitions like Chromopolis, Meeting of Styles, MWC Jam, Athens Biennale, etc…
Besides schools and street walls, you can meet Reb’s work indoor for companies and institutions such as TITAN cement, Goethe Institute Athens, Smirnoff, Gordon’s space, Algida, Fenafresh, etc…
In October 2015 he finished his biggest project so far at TITAN Thessaloniki, directing and realizing a scenery of over 2.500 sm on the surface of a cement plant building.
At this moment he is painting the walls of Barcelona, wishing to everyone a colorful life.



Tim Marsh

Paris – France

He became passionate about extreme sports at the age of 5, and joined the roller-skating community in 1996, at the age of 12. This was to have a bearing on his later works….

He then practiced capoeira for 15 years and also draws a large part of his inspiration from this period, exploring tribal motives in the graffiti works he produced during this time.

In 2006 he moved into the fashion industry as creator of trends for clothing brands, whilst at the same time directing the fashion pages for Snatch Magazine until 2011.

It was at this time that he began asserting a more personal style, expressed initially through his first paintings which evoked a conceptual rendering of childhood memories, mainly represented by kinetic and ludic representations of emblematic animals.

He thus developed a very personal architectural style, composing his works on the basis of complex and dynamic geometric forms, patterns and lines which embed movement within the depths of his
two-dimensional works.

His creations provoke a theatrical mood taking in a palette of retro-style colours which he applies with spray, paint and Poscas.

His compositions are characterized by the mixture and variety of techniques, developing the work by the use of specific materials and medium such as tape, stencils and paint jars in his most recent work.

Tim Marsh is continuously trying out new supports, constantly experimenting his creative process and echoing his past experience in extreme sports by painting on surf and skate boards or objects of functional conception.

Inspired by urban spaces he went on to expressing his iconography in large-size format on walls and other urban supports.

In 2009 he became passionately involved in Light Painting and worked in this media with brands such as L’Oréal, Smart Cars and Kenzo, and held shows in France and Malta.

He currently lives and works between Paris and Barcelona, constantly experimenting and developing his techniques.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-31 a las 12.46.25 PM



A street artist since 87, within the graffiti scene and key player in its evolution.
The initiator of the LOGOART and participating in the street art movement since its beginnings.
His iconic logo, full of strength if accompanied by words and messages that open communication roads with the spectator.



Captura de pantalla 2017-07-31 a las 3.31.17 PM



He studied art in the Escuela Llotja de Barcelona, but his main experience is self tought.
In 2008 he starts painting on the streets, getting known by the seudonimus SM 172.
The richness of his iconography thrives on the diversity of influences he draws from his art: from super heroes to Roman gods, from pop art to Velázques, from impressionism to poster making. He experiments with oil, acrylic, collage, stencils and print making… Until he found a recognizable that works in combining images and typographies.




Barquisimeto – Venezuela

He started his path in the arts over twenty years ago, directing cultural projects in the area of plastic arts, theater, and music, paying special attention to representing cultural institutions of Venezuela and the Caribbean people.


antpintura (1)



He paints mushrooms since 2002. The roots of his works come from his granddad that was a shoemaker and planted Champignons in the basement of his workshop.



Mali Mowcka


Creating from the encounter with the interior, feeling the life in constant movement withing one and around us. From a spiritual conection with the being nature, unity with nature.


Captura de pantalla 2017-08-20 a las 3.53.48 PM

El Rughi






Captura de pantalla 2017-08-20 a las 3.28.05 PM

Rose Madone


Captura de pantalla 2017-08-20 a las 3.32.38 PM



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